Evolution XS

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The ALL-NEW Evolution XS is the perfect compact bow for any hunting application. It's light, fast, and features the highly adjustable new OB Adjustable 4-Track Cam System. The Evolution XS generates speeds up to 338 FPS making this the total package.

Outfitted with all New OB Adjustable 4-Track Cam System for easy tuning and superior arrow flight.

Rotating module for adjustable draw lengths. (No Bow Press Required)

Compact design for the tree stand or blind.


Brace Height 6"
IBO Rating Up to 338 FPS
Axle to Axle (approx.) 31.5"
Draw Lengths 24.5" - 30.0"
Half Sizes 24.5" - 29.5"
Bow Weight 4.4 lbs
Let Off 90%
Cam Style Adjustable 4-Track Cam System
String Length (Standard) 59"
Use Hunting
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