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Hemorrhage DE

Can’t Stop The Hemorrhage
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The Hemorrhage DE carries on Obsession's reputation of a smooth draw and fast, vibration-free release. The sleek, compact riser design of the Hemorrhage combined with the DE (Dynamic Energy) cam means higher performance, while the 7-inch brace enables complete control shot after shot. DE cams feature Obsession's advanced PerFex System for adjusting draw length in half-inch increments.


Brace Height 7" +/- .125
IBO Rating Up to 340 FPS
Axle to Axle (approx.) 30"
Draw Weights 40 lbs, 50 lbs, 60 lbs, 65 lbs, 70 lbs, 80 lbs
Draw Lengths 27.5" - 31.0"
SD Draw Length 24.5" - 27.0"
Half Sizes 24.5" - 30.5"
Bow Weight 3.7 lbs
Let Off 80%
Cam Style OB DE Cam
String Length (Standard) 56 5/16"
Cable Length (Standard) (2) 34 7/8"
String Length (Short Draw) 52 1/8"
Cable Length (Short Draw) (2) 34 5/8"
Use Hunting

Dynamic Energy Cam

Designed by Kevin Strother and built in the USA by Obsession Bows, the Dynamic Energy (DE) Cam means high performance and exceptional adjustability with the advanced PerFx System.

Patent Pending side of Draw Stop Post
Two Track Cam U.S. Patent # 7997259

Axion Limb Dampener

If you thought Obsession Bows were already quiet, we’ve made them even quieter by pairing up with the Axion Limb Dampener system that promotes unparalleled noise and vibration control, resulting in a more accurate, quiet shot.

TorqueLess Angled Cable Rod

Not only does the Anti-Torque Cable Rod increase speed, but makes for a smoother draw cycle. The Torqueless Angled Cable Rod reduces cam lean and torque for a smoother draw shot after shot.

Rear Stabilizer Mount

With our already quiet and dead-in-the-hand feel, Obsession has included an all-new rear stabilizer mount on all new models with the XP Riser Design. This convenient mounting location allows the archer to easily use a rear stabilizer.

TorqueLess Custom Grips

Whether on the range or in the field, Obsessions Bows come outfitted with TorqueLess Custom Grips to perform under any circumstance. TorqueLess Grips are professionally designed to deliver accuracy through consistent and proper hand alignment.

America’s Best Bow Strings

Custom bows deserve custom strings. Obsession Bows come outfitted with America’s Best Bow Strings for superior quality and unparalleled performance. Completing your setup with America’s Best Bow Strings will give you a competitive edge this season whether you’re in the field or on top of the podium.

Adjustable String Suppressor Rod

Obsession Bow’s All-New Adjustable String Suppressor Rod is the most alterable string stop that minimizes vibration, provides a more consistent arrow exit and offers plenty of character found common in Obsession Bows.

Patent Pending