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For kids who want the real deal and parents wanting to invest in their children's archery development, the #Hashtag is our collective bow building knowledge in a package sized for youth and small-framed adults. Packed with performance features, the #Hashtag is the best, and last, bow a parent will ever have to buy for their son or daughter!

The #HASHTAG features a 6061 CNC machined aluminum riser and limb pockets, Obsession's patented Anti-Torque Flex Guard and laser-numbered rotating mods for easy draw length adjustments that can be done at home without a bow press. Draw length is adjustable from 18"; to 26.5"; and the draw weight can be adjusted from 15 pounds to 60 pounds. With speeds up to 308 FPS, it's also a great option for small-framed adults.

The #Hashtag is also available as a package, complete with Trophy Taker XFC Drop-Away Arrow Rest, Trophy Taker Buzzkiller Stabilizer, Trophy Taker Vise Quiver, a fiber optic sight with light, a wrist sling, peep sight and D-loop.



Brace Height 6.375"
IBO Rating Up to 310 FPS
Axle to Axle (approx.) 32.375"
Draw Lengths 18.0" - 26.5"
Half Sizes 18.5" - 26.5"
Bow Weight 3.6 lbs
Let Off 80%
Cam Style Hybrid
Use Hunting, Target

Hybrid PR Cam

With superior adjustability, the Hybrid PR Cam features a progressive cam with a smooth draw cycle. With the ability to adjust with the archer, the Hybrid PR Cam is the only cam you will need for years to come.

Rear Stabilizer Mount

With our already quiet and dead-in-the-hand feel, Obsession has included an all-new rear stabilizer mount on all new models with the XP Riser Design. This convenient mounting location allows the archer to easily use a rear stabilizer.

TorqueLess Custom Grips

Whether on the range or in the field, Obsessions Bows come outfitted with TorqueLess Custom Grips to perform under any circumstance. TorqueLess Grips are professionally designed to deliver accuracy through consistent and proper hand alignment.

FX Limb Pocket

Extra-Performance Bows require Extra-Performance limb pockets. Our all-new FX Limb Pocket, is a 3-piece, lightweight rigid design creating precise alignment from the riser to the limbs, reducing cam lean and eliminating limb torque throughout the draw.

America’s Best Bow Strings

Custom bows deserve custom strings. Obsession Bows come outfitted with America’s Best Bow Strings for superior quality and unparalleled performance. Completing your setup with America’s Best Bow Strings will give you a competitive edge this season whether you’re in the field or on top of the podium.

FX Riser Design

Our signature FX Riser design is the pinnacle of performance and accuracy. The stiff riser design reduces flex while adding superior stability during your draw cycle.

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