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The Obsession Huracon offers a perfect fit for the long-draw archer. With draw lengths between 30 to 32", and an axle-to-axle length of 34", the Huracon delivers pure speed with the revolutionary DS Cam and the All-New Anti-Torque Angled Cable Rod. Shooting at speeds up to 366 Feet-Per-Second.

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Obsession DS Cam

Our fastest, most technologically advanced Cam available. The Obsession DS Cam offers a smooth draw cycle, gracious valley and a solid back wall to deliver unbelievable speed.

U.S. Patent # 7,997,258
Two Track U.S. Patent # 7997259
Draw Stop Post Patent Pending

Axion Limb Dampener

If you thought Obsession Bows were already quiet, we’ve made them even quieter by pairing up with the Axion Limb Dampener system that promotes unparalleled noise and vibration control, resulting in a more accurate, quiet shot.

TorqueLess Angled Cable Rod

Not only does the Anti-Torque Cable Rod increase speed, but makes for a smoother draw cycle. The Torqueless Angled Cable Rod reduces cam lean and torque for a smoother draw shot after shot.

TorqueLess Custom Grips

Whether on the range or in the field, Obsessions Bows come outfitted with TorqueLess Custom Grips to perform under any circumstance. TorqueLess Grips are professionally designed to deliver accuracy through consistent and proper hand alignment.

America’s Best Bow Strings

Custom bows deserve custom strings. Obsession Bows come outfitted with America’s Best Bow Strings for superior quality and unparalleled performance. Completing your setup with America’s Best Bow Strings will give you a competitive edge this season whether you’re in the field or on top of the podium.

Adjustable String Suppressor Rod

Obsession Bow’s All-New Adjustable String Suppressor Rod is the most alterable string stop that minimizes vibration, provides a more consistent arrow exit and offers plenty of character found common in Obsession Bows.

Patent Pending