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Obsession Bows Introduces Their Lightest, Most Compact Bow

Obsession Bows Introduces Their Lightest, Most Compact Bow


Covington, GA – Bow users on the move no longer have to worry about carrying a bulky bow. Obsession Bows is excited to introduce the all-new Obsession FX30: an innovative, ultra-light bow specifically made for use in compact spaces and tree stands.

“What I love about Obsession Bows is that their bows are made by and for the bow hunter,” said Brian “Pigman” Quaca, host of the popular television show “Pigman: The Series” on Sportsman Channel. “The FX30 design is directly based on consumer feedback. As hunters, we want a shorter bow that does the job without getting hung up in tighter spaces. When I’m moving on a mountain or climbing in a small tree stand, the FX30 is the perfect size to give power and speed without the worry of extra bulk or weight.”

Weighing in at four pounds, the Obsession FX30 is the brand’s lightest high-end bow on the market. It is also the only bow to feature the brand new Realtree Timber camouflage pattern introduced in March 2019.

This year’s FX30 model boasts an all-around better bow riser design. Based on consumer feedback, Obsession integrated the bow’s angled cable rod into the riser, allowing for a reduced cam lean and less stress on the cables. With an IBO rating of 360 FPS and a shorter axle-to-axle, the Obsession FX30 generates great speed with 85% let-off.

Much like other Obsession Bow options, users can customize the FX30 to personalize their bow’s look and feel with different cam, limb and riser colors. Users can also pick from multiple bow string color and pattern options made by America’s Best Bow Strings.

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About Obsession Bows

Obsession Bows is owned and operated by Arcus Hunting, an acquisition growth platform with a strong portfolio of leading brands in the hunting and outdoors category. Arcus Hunting owns and operates Tink’s®, Dead Down Wind, Obsession Bows, Ramcat, Trophy Taker and Rack One brands. For more information about these brands or products, please contact Arcus Hunting Public Relations at (800) 624-5988 or visit


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