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Obsession Bows introduces the compact FX30

Obsession Bows introduces the compact FX30


Confined hunting space? Not a problem for the FX30

Obsession Bows introduces the compact FX30

Jeffersonville, GA – Challenges facing archers today: 1) Confined terrain 2) Narrow tree stands 3) Hunting blinds. Solution for archers facing these issues: Obsession Bows new FX30. Built to overcome challenging hunting situations where space is at a minimum without sacrificing speed and comfort. The FX30 is just 30” axle-to-axle and is truly the Eastern hunter’s dream

“We are in touch with Obsession Bow users every day and we consistently hear them praise our speed and comfort.” said Dennis Lewis, Obsession Bows - President. “If there is ever a wish, it is simply for a bow that makes traveling through narrow spaces and hunting from tight stands and hunting blinds a breeze. We delivered with the FX30!”

2019 FX30 Specifications:

  • 30” axle-to-axle
  • 6” brace height
  • OB TRAX 3-Track Cam System for easy tuning.
  • Up to 360 feet per second
  • 85% let off at full draw
  • More than 30 color options available for complete customization

Obsession Bows are built for the archer looking to separate themselves from the pack in performance, design and customization. If you are ready to breakaway from the pack, select your Obsession Bow at and have one of our authorized retailers build your 1 of 1 bow today.

About Obsession Bows

Obsession Bows is owned and operated by Arcus Hunting, an acquisition growth platform with a strong portfolio of leading brands in the hunting and outdoors category. Arcus Hunting owns and operates, Tink’sâ, Dead Down Wind, Obsession Bows, Ramcat, Trophy Taker and Rack One brands. For more information about these brands or products, please contact Arcus Hunting Public Relations at (800) 624-5988 or visit


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