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Obsession Bows Join Forces with Outtech

Obsession Bows Join Forces with Outtech


“Obsession Bows Join Forces with Outtech” – Obsession Bows

COVINGTON, Georgia (November 26, 2018)

Jeffersonville, GA - Obsession Bows, maker of high-end premium compound bows, announced today the forming of an official partnership with Outtech to service archery Pro shops, Distributors, and retailers around the United States effective immediately.

“Our family of brands are built on precision and quality which demands a sales force with the same values.” said Jon Lene, Arcus Hunting LLC – Vice President of Sales. “We selected Outtech based on a consistent track record of placing the customer first and ensuring their every need is met. Additionally, they are not only a talented group of Archery Industry professionals, they are also passionate bowhunters and we are excited to have them representing Obsession Bows.”

Outtech is constructed of sales and marketing professionals around the US with a deep passion and understanding of the hunting category, specifically in archery. The Outtech team will be contacting archery shops and retailers right away, focusing on Obsession Bows new line including many of the fastest, smoothest and most precise bows on the market.

“Our team is very excited about the opportunity to be partnering with Obsession Bows. There is no doubt that Obsession is bringing a high level of quality and innovation to the marketplace and we can’t wait to help them continue to grow” explained Outtech Chairman, Jay Scholes.

If you would like to learn more about this new alliance or place an order for the 2019 line, please contact your local Outtech representative or the Obsession Bows team at (800) 624-5988.

Obsession Bows is owned and operated by Arcus Hunting, an acquisition growth platform with a strong portfolio of leading brands in the hunting and outdoors category. Arcus Hunting owns and operates, Tink’s, Dead Down Wind, Obsession Bows, Ramcat, Trophy Taker and Rack One brands. For more information about these brands or products, please contact Arcus Hunting Public Relations at (800) 624-5988 or visit

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