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Own Your Obsession: Customize Your Bow

Own Your Obsession: Customize Your Bow


“Change or get left behind.”

This is the mantra and battle cry of Obsession Bows. Our brand was built to be the best….to deliver MORE than the other guys. We aren’t interested in being anything like the other brands. We work hard to defy expectations by delivering bows that perform. Because we are just like you: passionate archers and hunters who are obsessed being the best by using the best.

Based in a one-stoplight town in the state of Georgia, Obsession Bows’ small-town values center on family, friends, and a never-ending commitment to building the very best products for every caliber of archer and hunter. When our team began to build Obsession Bows, we realized something crucial: Your style, your personality, your preferences….they don’t just revolve around what clothes you wear or truck you drive. It extends to your tools. Your gear. And most importantly: your bow.

Bows are a significant investment, and we sure as heck know that money doesn’t grow on trees. Time is infinitely valuable. You’re busy working hard and living life, and neither your time or money should be spent shooting a bow that doesn’t even look or feel the way you want it to. You deserve to get your money’s worth and then some. Epic bows aren’t supposed to look the same for everyone. We want to give you exactly what you want—your dream bow—in both performance AND style.

At the end of the day, the look of the obsessed is different for everyone….which is why Obsession offers a variety of options to customize your bow. From pattern to cam to string color, you can pick your preferences in order to make your bow truly your own.

Say goodbye to cookie-cutter.

Say goodbye to average.

Say goodbye to unoriginal, or common, or “Oh, that looks just like my bow. I have the same one” comments and comparisons.

Obsession Bows gives you a truly customizable experience. It’s not a simple “select, place in the cart, and click” order. Think of this as co-collaboration to make Your Perfect Bow. We’ve harnessed unparalleled technology and engineering design to give you a bow that will perform with perfection. All you need to do is add your spin to it and make it look exactly how you want it to look. You’re a key ingredient to the design, so when you take your bow out of the box or case, you can feel satisfied in knowing that the bow right there: It’s all yours. Made specifically for you….because you called the shots. You won’t have to settle for anything less than exactly what you want.

This year, Obsession has a variety of available* riser and limb patterns that can help you set the tone and reflect your style. Tried and true came patterns from brands like Mossy Oak and Realtree can help your bow reflect your favorite gear to keep things consistent, if that’s what you’re looking for. Available* riser and limb patterns include:

  • Predator 3D Deception
  • Mossy Oak Break-Up Country
  • Mossy Oak Original Bottomland
  • Mossy Oak Mountain Country
  • Last Leaf Ghost
  • Last Leaf Redemption
  • Last Leaf Smoke
  • Kyptek Highlander
  • Kyptek Typhon
  • Moonshine Muddy Girl
  • Last Leaf Late Season
  • Stars and Stripes

What if you’re not into patterns? Yep, we’ve got plenty of options for you, too. We have options for solid colors in addition to unique patterns to completely wrap your bow. Whether you want bright and bold or a more traditional look, you’re covered with these available* options:

  • Chrome Powder
  • Flo Green
  • Fusion Green
  • Fusion Blue
  • Fusion Orange
  • Fusion Purple
  • Fusion Red
  • Fusion White
  • Nickel Powder
  • Black

Did you think Obsession Bows customization stopped at risers and limbs? Think again. We aren’t here to mess around, and we’ve stopped at nothing to give you as many customizable details as possible. There are several string color combinations to choose from so you can draw back in style. Available string colors include:

  • Black
  • Black and Red
  • Speckle White and Tan
  • Sage, Tan and Dark Brown
  • Purple and Black
  • Flo Green
  • Flo Orange
  • Flo Purple
  • Flo Yellow
  • Royal Blue
  • Red, White and Blue

We also offer customizable cams to keep things consistent all-around. Our cams are anodized in orange, red or black so you can have your own color-fused look to complete your personalized bow.

On our end, we didn’t want to just give you options and deliver a bow that looks good for a while, but one that can maintain the look that you worked hard to design and perfect long-term. Obsession uses a process called Kolorfusion to make your bow exactly the way you want it…and make sure it stays that way.

Kolorfusion is a detailed, unique process to customize your bow and protect your look in the pattern and colors you select. Thanks to this technology, your bow design will not scratch or chip, and it is heat-resistant. Obsession Bows’ innovative, revolutionary Kolorfusion technology keeps your bow looking sharp…and staying strong…in every element…and any situation.

How do you start to find and personalize your own Obsession bow? Simply head on over to and take a look at our options of exemplary bows. Based on the bow you select—whether it’s a hunting bow or a target bow—you will see the available swatches of options and can pick your preferences for each of the categories: riser and limb color or pattern, string color, and cam color.

Bowhunting isn’t just a hobby. It’s a commitment. It’s dedication. It’s what we eat, sleep, breathe. It’s what we love. It’s not some generic experience or pastime.

The passion is personal. Your bow should be, too. Now thanks to Obsession’s customization options, you can design the exact bow you want to use to achieve your goals…and look good doin’ it.

*Not available on all bows. Custom fees may apply.

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