Obsession Technology

Obsession Bows Cam Technology

2020 Adjustable 4-Track Cam System

Adjustable 4-Track Cam System features an integrated yoke system to balance limb tip load and correct cam lean for easy tuning.

Obsession TRAX Cam

The All-New Obsession TRAX Cam creates a whole new level of performance. You asked for fast and Obsession Delivers. Obsession’s TRAX Cam features the fastest speeds and highest let-off in Obsession history. The TRAX cam system means business constructed with 6061 Alloy Aluminum, high-performance draw-specific modules that no longer require a bow press. This means less time behind a press and more time in the field. Without sacrificing the smooth-draw characteristics you’ve come to know and expect from Obsession, this cam system is built to break norms and knock down barriers.

U.S. Patent # 6,990,970

Obsession SD 2T Cam

Designed by Kevin Strother and built in the USA by Obsession Bows, the Obsession Short-Draw, Two-Track Cam system means high performance and exception adjustability with the PerFx System.

U.S. Patent # 7,997,259

Hybrid DE SD Cam

The Hybrid DE SD Cam is the smoothest, deadest in the hand and most tunable cam you will ever shoot. Others talk about bows that are smooth, but Obsession Bows deliver smooth with speed.

Hybrid RZ Cam

The Hybrid RZ Cam features an inter-rotating module so you can make alterations without the use of a bow press. The Hybrid RZ Cam aims to please, featuring adjustability, smoothness and speed all packaged into one cam.

Hybrid SD Cam

The Hybrid SD Cam is the smoothest, deadest in the hand and most tunable cam you will ever shoot. Others talk about bows that are smooth, but Obsession Bows deliver smooth with speed.

Hybrid PR Cam

With superior adjustability, the Hybrid PR Cam features a progressive cam with a smooth draw cycle. With the ability to adjust with the archer, the Hybrid PR Cam is the only cam you will need for years to come.

Obsession Bows Unique Technology

TorqueLess Angled Cable Rod

Not only does the Anti-Torque Cable Rod increase speed, but makes for a smoother draw cycle. The Anti-Torque Angled Cable Rod reduces cam lean as you draw for maximized power and bow speed.

Axion Limb Dampener

If you thought Obsession Bows were already quiet, we’ve made them even quieter by pairing up with the Axion Limb Dampener system that promotes unparalleled noise and vibration control, resulting in a more accurate, quiet shot.

Adjustable String Suppressor Rod

Obsession Bow’s All-New Adjustable String Suppressor Rod is the most alterable string stop that minimizes vibration, provides a more consistent arrow exit and offers plenty of character found common in Obsession Bows.

2020 Riser Design

Our signature 2020 riser design is the pinnacle of performance and accuracy. The stiff riser design reduces flex while adding superior stability during your draw cycle.

Ergonomic Grip

In an effort to make the bows even more comfortable and accurate, the grip location and design have been modified for ultimate comfort and reduced hand torque.

1-Piece Limb Pocket

Single construction design improves alignment for increased shot accuracy.

America's Best Bow Strings

Custom bows deserve custom strings. Obsession Bows come outfitted with America's Best Bow Strings for superior quality and unparalleled performance. Completing your setup with America's Best Bow Strings will give you a competitive edge this season whether you’re in the field or on top of the podium.

Rear Stabilizer Mount

With our already quiet and dead-in-the-hand feel, Obsession has included an all-new rear stabilizer mount. This convenient mounting location allows the archer to easily use a rear stabilizer.

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